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We understand nonprofits because that is ALL we do. CalNonprofits Insurance Services (CIS) is a social enterprise subsidiary of the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits). Revenue generated through CIS stays in the nonprofit sector and strengthens the nonprofit community.

In 1984, CalNonprofits started CIS so that we could provide exclusive and cost-saving insurance products -- including medical, dental, liability, workers’ compensation, directors & officers and more -- to our members. Our mission is to provide quality insurance products, excellent customer service and education tailored to meet the needs of California nonprofits. Today, more than 900 California nonprofits choose CIS as their insurance broker because we have access to all the major carriers that specialize in insuring nonprofits, and exclusive programs for members.

You need to be a member of CalNonprofits to take advantage of these insurance programs, but you don’t need to be a member to find out more or to get a no-obligation quote. Contact CalNonprofits Insurance Services today for more information: 888-427-5222.

"As a member, I can only say thank you for all the services the organization provides. Top of the list – insurance services. [CIS] just did a great job with our health insurance changes, and also saved us over $20k in our disability insurance." -- Abdi Soltani, Executive Director, ACLU of Northern California

Other Insurance and Risk Management Resources for Nonprofits:

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Nonprofit Risk Management Center is a resource to the nonprofit community that provides affordable and practical management assistance. Through their consulting services, webinars, workshops and other trainings, as well as through book and monthly publications and software tools, Nonprofit Risk Management Center provides a wide range of aid on issues such as volunteer risk management, financial risk management, employment practices, and youth protection.

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC) is a liability insurance pool which was established in 1989 exclusively for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations in California. NIAC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit itself, whose mission is to be a stable source of reasonably priced liability insurance coverages tailored to the specialized needs of the nonprofit sector and to assist these organizations to develop and implement effective loss control and risk management programs.

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to Choose CalNonprofits Insurance Services for ALL your insurance needs

  1. One stop shopping - CIS has access to all the markets that specialize in nonprofits. We will search the marketplace to find you the best coverage at the best price.
  2. Expertise - We understand nonprofits because that is ALL we do. Nonprofits have many unique needs and our teams have the expertise to identify and protect your organization.
  3. Exclusive Insurance Programs - Not only do we provide access to all the major insurance carriers, CIS offers an array of exclusive insurance products specially tailored to meet the needs of nonprofits. By leveraging the buying power of the agencies we serve, we created exclusive medical, dental and vision plans available only through us. We also have alternative health care coverage, flex plans, and an Unemployment Trust available.
  4. Property/Casualty - Our Property/Casualty team truly understands the unique risks of nonprofits and are able to protect your organization with a wide range of products including Directors & Officers/Nonprofit Management Liability, Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Professional Liability, Sexual Abuse/Improper Sexual Conduct, Property, Crime, Automobile, Cyber/Security Liability, Umbrella/Excess Liability, and more...
  5. Exceptional Customer Service - Our seasoned, experienced staff goes above and beyond to help your organization obtain the best and most affordable coverage available.
  6. Discounts - Discounted background checks, office supplies, shipping, rental cars, banking, and more...
  7. Free access to HR360 - a valuable on-line reference library for complying with employment and labor laws.
  8. Support of the California nonprofit community - The revenue generated through CIS supports the important advocacy work of the California Association of Nonprofits, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit association whose mission is bring the full power of California's nonprofits to strengthening communities.
  9. Request a free quote

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As a startup nonprofit, the process is often difficult. CalNonprofits quickly provided valuable information and resources that helped me handle it all.
I appreciate their professionalism and expertise.

– Bernice Varnado,
Lion of Yehuda
Member Since 2010