8:30 AM Registration & Breakfast     

9:00 AM

Opening Plenary:
State of the California Nonprofit Community

Jan Masaokanationally recognized writer and CalNonprofits CEO, kicks off this year’s Convention with straight talk about the nonprofit sector and CalNonprofits, as well as predictions for the coming year. Get the scoop on recent legislative battles, efforts to influence foundations, where our sector fits in this election cycle, and plans for the future. Where can we be most effective at advancing our sector? What threats should we be watching? How can we use our collective power for our communities?
Geoff Green, CEO, Santa Barbara City College Foundation; Chair, CalNonprofits Board of Directors (Introduction)
Jan Masaoka, CEO, California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits)

9:30 AM


Frying Pan to the Fire? Nonprofit Leaders Win Public Office
What happens when nonprofit leaders run for office and win? At every level of government throughout California there are now elected officials who came from nonprofit careers such as Headstart, human services, youth development, and more. Our featured guests will discuss how nonprofit work positioned them for government, what government needs to know about nonprofits, and what nonprofits need to know about government.
Nancy Berlin, Policy Director, CalNonprofits (Moderator)
California State Senator Holly Mitchell
California State Assemblymember Phil Ting
Los Angeles Councilmember Marqueece Harris-Dawson

10:45 AM


What Kinds of Nonprofits Don't Get Funded -- and What We Can Do About It
The groundbreaking research study Causes Count documented the disparities in which nonprofits get funded. In particular, nonprofits in rural areas, in low-income neighborhoods, and in communities of color have fewer dollars to work with, and surprisingly, Southern California has far fewer nonprofit resources than Northern California. And we all know that new, controversial, small, and edgy nonprofits struggle to find funding.
Latonya Slack, Principal, Slack Global Consulting (Moderator)
Orson Aguilar, President, Greenlining Institute
Margarita Luna, Program Officer, The California Endowment
Anji Gaspar-Milanovic, Director of Grants and Professional Development, Los Angeles County Arts Commission


If You're Going to Spend One Hour Learning About Insurance This Year, Make It This One!
For most nonprofits, insurance is the third biggest expense after wages and rent. And it can be so confusing: health insurance, dental, vision, workers comp, D&O... and what can be done about the expense, anyway? Get to know the new and energetic CEO of CalNonprofits' insurance enterprise Colleen Lazanich at this fast-paced session.
Colleen Lazanich, CEO, CalNonprofits Insurance Services

Predictions for the November Election and Nonprofits
How will the outcome of the November elections impact nonprofits and the communities we serve? What should nonprofits expect from ballot measure outcomes? What should we be doing now to prepare? What California elections should nonprofits be watching and why? What are we learning from this election that we can use in fundraising, organizing, human services, arts? Three insider, smart, funny and sassy pundits will shoot the breeze with us and share their thoughts.
Nancy Berlin, Policy Director, CalNonprofits (Moderator)
Raphael Sonenshein, Executive Director, Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs at California State University, Los Angeles
Manuel Pastor, Professor of Sociology and American Studies & Ethnicity, University of Southern California 
Arnie Sowell, Vice President of California Policy, NextGen Climate

12:00 PM

Luncheon Keynote

Alicia Garza, Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

Nonprofits have long been at the forefront of social movements, including the women’s suffrage campaign of the 1900’s, the free speech and civil rights movements of the 1960’s, the emergence of the environmental movement in the 1980’s, and the more recent marriage equality movement, among others. The Black Lives Matter movement is a key social movement of our time. This is an opportunity to hear first-hand about their goals, strategies and sensibilities. Alicia Garza brings a nonprofit background to her leadership of this social movement. We can't wait to hear her.
Wendy Garen, President and CEO, Parsons Foundation (Introduction)
Alicia Garza, Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

1:15 PM


Hot Topics to Keep Your Organization Out of Hot Water
Get the straight scoop from the real deal: Tania Ibañez, the ranking attorney in charge of nonprofits at the California Attorney General's office, and two of the smartest, best nonprofit attorneys around -- Gene Takagi and Liz Bluestein -- will let you in on the new and most important ways to stay out of trouble with the law. You'll never get better information or a better place to ask your questions than this session, which will be moderated by nationally recognized attorney Rosemary Fei.
Rosemary Fei, Principal, Adler & Colvin (Moderator)
Tania Ibañez, Senior Assistant to the Attorney General of California
Gene Takagi, Managing Attorney, NEO Law Group
Elizabeth Bluestein, Vice President and General Counsel, Public Counsel

New Research on Overhead Messaging
Lake Research's David Mermin has been conducting focus groups and surveys with donors and with county boards of supervisors to find out what language about nonprofit overhead makes the most sense to them. And they got some surprising answers! This session is the first-ever presentation of this new data, and provides specific "don't say this; say this instead" advice on talking about overhead. Other special guests will also share their thoughts and experiences on this very crucial topic.
Cynthia Duenas, Executive Director, Center for Human Services (Moderator)
David Mermin, Partner, Lake Research Partners
Vera de Vera, Director of Nonprofit Sustainability, California Community Foundation
Kim Carter, Founder and Executive Director, Time for Change Foundation

How To Get Things Done in Sacramento: A Nonprofit Lobbyist Tells All
You’ve seen the chart on “How a Bill Becomes a Law” — now you can hear how it really works. Jennifer Fearing has worked as a lobbyist in Sacramento for 10 years, and is CalNonprofits' legislative advocate. She'll share with us an insider’s view of the Sacramento scene. This is sure to be a provocative and fun session full of stories and advice for nonprofits who want to work with state legislators, hire a lobbyist or launch a campaign. Bring your questions!
Jennifer Fearing, CalNonprofits Sacramento Advocate
Shamus Roller, Executive Director, Housing California

2:45 PM


Donor Information: Right to Know vs Right to Privacy
Many of us strongly oppose any efforts to make us disclose the names of our donors. But at the same time we think the public has a right to know whether, for instance, research on sugar was funded by a soda company. In a fun, no-holds-barred debate, different sides will try to win your hearts and minds.
Kim Klein, Partner, Klein & Roth Consulting (Moderator)
Eric Gorovitz, Principal, Adler & Colvin
Kris Sinclair, Executive Director Emeritus, Association of California Symphony Orchestras
Alberto Retana, President and CEO, Community Coalition
Michele Dilworth, Director, Foundation Center West

4:00 PM 

Nonprofit Power Hour!

Give yourself an hour relax and have a little fun at the end of an action-packed and inspiring day. Join us for drinks, desserts, and some dedicated networking time - we'll also have games and prizes from our sponsors. (CalNonprofits Members)

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