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...a statewide alliance of nearly 10,000 organizations, representing and promoting California’s growing nonprofit sector. We work to bring the full power of nonprofits to strengthening communities.
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…focuses on raising your voice to policy makers, philanthropy and the public, and strengthening your ability to advocate on behalf of your community.

Latest News for Nonprofits

There are so many ideas worth sharing that we just had to add another day to our Annual Convention! Day One of the CalNonprofits Annual Policy Convention will focus on policy discussions of future trends that may impact your nonprofit in 2016.  Day Two is all “tech talks” -- that is, “technical assistance” talks. The day will feature smaller group discussions and learning from experts in their field. The tech talks are an opportunity to learn the “how-to” of managing the trends discussed on the previous day. Participation in the Day Two sessions will be limited to ensure attendees have time to talk directly with experts and peers. Check out all the great options here!  For updated Convention pricing, visit the registration page.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! ($10,000 more!) CalNonprofits Insurance Services (CIS) will be presenting the $10,000 Community Engagement Champion Award at the convention!  This award recognizes a CalNonprofits member organization that is a champion for their clients, patrons and constituents by engaging their wider community. We all know that community engagement and advocacy are an integral part of program services; is your organization a community engagement champion? Now is the time to show off! Learn more about the award and how to apply here. Join us in November to learn more about the community engagement work being done by CalNonprofits members!
Lots of nonprofits hold raffles to raise funds, so why is CalNonprofits opposed to Senate Bill 549, a bill that would expand charitable raffles? Because SB 549 lets professional sports teams and their foundations play by different rules than the rest of us.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, what!?”

Here’s some background:

Before 2001, nonprofits (or anyone) could not legally conduct raffles at all. CalNonprofits helped initiate a multi-stakeholder process that changed state law through a voter-approved initiative, which allowed nonprofits (and only nonprofits) to conduct raffles as long as 90% of the gross receipts from a raffle are directed to "beneficial and charitable purposes." This “90/10” raffle provision has allowed all charities to hold raffles and raise much-needed funds to support their mission-based activities.
After years of last-minute drama, huge fights and even government shut-downs, this year's state budget emerged so quietly you might even have missed it. Here are two strikingly different assessments:

A.  “This budget strikes a responsible balance between strengthening our long-term fiscal foundation and investing right now in the economy of today and the workforce of tomorrow.” Senate leader Kevin León (Democrat, East Los Angeles)

B.  "This budget doesn't do anything to stop punishing poor children." Mike Herald, legislative advocate with the Western Center on Law and Poverty

We recap the highlights for you below. Decide which of the above two viewpoints you agree with more!

Register for our Annual Policy Convention!

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August 11 - Tuesday, WEBINAR
August 24 - Monday, Los Angeles
September 2 - Wednesday, WEBINAR
Overcoming the Overhead Myth, Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) webinar with CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka, Guidestar USA CEO Jacob Harold, and Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco COO Ann Goggins Gregory
September 28 - Monday, Eureka (Humboldt County)
Nonprofit Tax Seminar with Board of Equalization and CalNonprofits Program Director Diana Dunker (Register here)
September 30 - Wednesday, Los Angeles
Getting Overhead Funded Series: Real Costs – Realistic Strategies: Understanding, Communicating, and Funding the Full Cost of Your Services, presented by CalNonprofits and Center for Nonprofit Management (Register here)
October 14 - Wednesday, Los Angeles
Getting Overhead Funded Series: OMB Uniform Guidance: Evaluating Options to Recover Your Full Costs, presented by CalNonprofits and Center for Nonprofit Management (Register here)
October 28 - Wednesday, Los Angeles
Getting Overhead Funded Series: Negotiating a Federal Indirect Cost Rate: Step by Step Guide to Preparing Your Indirect Cost Rate Proposal presented by CalNonprofits and Center for Nonprofit Management (Register here)
November 4 - Wednesday, Oakland
CalNonprofits Annual Policy Convention 2015: Economic and Political Forecast for the Nonprofit Sector
November 6 - Friday, WEBINAR
November 16 - Monday, WEBINAR
Getting Overhead Funded Series: OMB Uniform Guidance: Evaluating Options to Recover Your Full Costs, presented by CalNonprofits (Register here)
December 11 - Friday, WEBINAR
How powerful is California’s nonprofit sector today? CalNonprofits commissioned this first-ever report to find out!
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