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...a statewide alliance of nearly 10,000 organizations, representing and promoting California’s growing nonprofit sector. We work to bring the full power of nonprofits to strengthening communities.
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…focuses on raising your voice to policy makers, philanthropy and the public, and strengthening your ability to advocate on behalf of your community.

Latest News for Nonprofits

From time to time, CalNonprofits publishes Open Letters to spark public dialogue about issues of importance to nonprofits and our constituencies. (As examples, see our Open Letter to the Irvine Foundation and Open Letter to Charity Navigator). 

Dear California foundations and foundations that fund in California:

The California Association of Nonprofits -- CalNonprofits -- is a statewide policy alliance of 9,400 nonprofits that both advocates for the nonprofit community to government, philanthropy and the public, and provides important support to nonprofits such as employee health insurance. With offices in San Francisco, Sacramento and Los Angeles, CalNonprofits welcomes comments and suggestions on this Open Letter as well as all aspects of our work.

On January 1 of 2016, California’s minimum wage will be raised to $10.00 per hour: an 11% increase. In some cities and counties it will rise even higher. We were glad to see that many California foundations supported these increases by funding activists and advocates seeking increases to help working people living in poverty. And many more cheered the increases informally.

CalNonprofits also supports increases to the minimum wage. At the same time, we insist that nonprofits need to be brought into implementation discussions and have certain accommodations to allow for renegotiation of government contracts. (You can see our position here.) 

Now we are calling on California foundations to make Minimum Wage Transition Grants to their grantees as a component of supporting both minimum wage increases and nonprofit sustainability.
Shorter showers, browner lawns – that’s how most of us think about the drought. Many nonprofit organizations such as California ReLeaf and the Sierra Club have been working specifically on drought issues. But now the Fresno Regional Foundation relates a grimmer picture for nonprofits and the people they serve.

Their report  “Beyond Almonds and Blond Lawns: Investing in Nonprofit Organizations to Sustain Central Valley Communities Beyond the Drought,” highlights the challenges of organizations working on the frontlines to help families meet basic needs such as food, housing and drinking water as the drought deepens.

The investigation found that 95% of survey respondents rated the impact of the drought as moderate or severe on both their clients and on their organizations.  But instead of increased philanthropic help, one nonprofit explained,  “The drought is beginning to affect our organization’s revenues. We receive a lot of revenue from growers and other agriculture-related local businesses.”

The report isn’t all gloom and doom, though, and hopes to set the stage for action. As aptly stated by Andrew Souza of the Fresno Community Food Bank: “The drought provides a big opportunity to build capacity across organizations and increase collective impact.”

You can read the report here: Fresno Regional Foundation Drought Report 

Is the drought impacting your organization?  We’d like to hear about the effects on your organization and your communities, and what you think California should be doing in response to what is almost certainly just the beginning of an ongoing crisis.
If everyone who worked or volunteered in human services voted, we’d have better human services funding. If everyone who worked or volunteered on the environment voted, we’d have a better environment. If everyone who worked or volunteered in __________ voted, we’d have better ___________. So vote with your mission!

California nonprofits know about our Vote with Your Mission campaign that works to mobilize California’s 937,000 nonprofit staff and 7 million volunteers as voters. But you might not know that United Way Worldwide, Independent Sector, Nonprofit Vote and the National Council of Nonprofits formed a collaboration this year to replicate VWYM nationally — under the name Nonprofit Votes Count.

Here’s the button we created two years ago and this year's button from Nonprofit Votes Count. Thanks, Nonprofit Votes Count, for taking this campaign national!

September 22 is National Voter Registration Day -- a great time to check your voter registration status and ask your co-workers if they are registered. That’s all it takes to participate in the Vote with Your Mission campaign. If you would like to print “I work for a nonprofit and I vote” and “I volunteer at a nonprofit and I vote” stickers go here for a template.

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October 8 - Thursday, Monterey
Monterey Small Business and Nonprofit Seminar, sponsored by the State Board of Equalization, with CalNonprofits Membership Manager Christina Dragonetti (Register here)
October 14 - Wednesday, Los Angeles
Getting Overhead Funded Series: OMB Uniform Guidance: Evaluating Options to Recover Your Full Costs, presented by CalNonprofits and Center for Nonprofit Management (Register here)
October 21 - Wednesday, Rancho Mirage
RAP Foundation Conference: "Changing Lives, Making Impact," Featuring CalNonprofits Policy Director Nancy Berlin as Keynote Speaker. (Register here)
October 28 - Wednesday, Los Angeles
Getting Overhead Funded Series: Negotiating a Federal Indirect Cost Rate: Step by Step Guide to Preparing Your Indirect Cost Rate Proposal presented by CalNonprofits and Center for Nonprofit Management (Register here)
November 4 - Wednesday, Oakland
CalNonprofits Annual Policy Convention 2015: Economic and Political Forecast for the Nonprofit Sector
November 6 - Friday, WEBINAR
November 10 - Tuesday, San Rafael
Moving Beyond Overhead: Investing for Impact, presented by Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership and featuring CalNonprofits CEO Jan Masaoka (Register here)
November 16 - Monday, WEBINAR
Getting Overhead Funded Series: OMB Uniform Guidance: Evaluating Options to Recover Your Full Costs, presented by CalNonprofits (Register here)
December 11 - Friday, WEBINAR
How powerful is California’s nonprofit sector today? CalNonprofits commissioned this first-ever report to find out!
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